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Series HQC

Series HQC

Hi Q C0G series MLCC, microwave multi-layer ceramic chip capacitor with a linear temperature coefficient, using paraelectric dielectric material, is heat stable. It is extremely stable and its capacitance is almost not affected by time, AC or DC signal.

        It has extremely low dielectric loss (or high Q) and low ESR.

        It is applied for RF microwave circuit with high demanding on Hi-Q and Low ESR.  

 I. Product Dielectric Property Type 


Dielectric Property Type

Operating Temperature Range

Temperature Coefficient

General Standard

Reference Temperature






 II. Basic Electrical Properties 



   Within Nominal Capacitance Tolerance Range:

  C≤10pF   A:±0.05pF、B:±0.1pF、C:±0.25 pF、D:±0.5pF

   C>10pF  F:±1%、G:±2%、J:±5%、K:±10%

  Testing Conditions of  Capacitance/Loss Tangent:


  Relative Humidity: 25%~80%

  Testing Frequency:C≤1000pF,  f=1MHz;


   Testing Voltage: 1.0±0.2V(Effective Value)

Loss Tangent

   Q> 1000

Insulation Resistance



   Ri ≥ 10000MΩ;


   Rated Voltage:

   Temperature: 18℃~28℃;

   Relative Humidity:25%~80%;

   1 minute ± 5 seconds

Voltage Resistance

                         no breakdown or flashover

   Apply 3 times rated voltage to the two ends of the product for 60±5s

III. Capacitance-Temperature Characteristic 










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